How are you going to finish the year this quarter?

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How are you going to finish the year this quarter?

Did you know today is the 1st day, of the last quarter for the year?

It’s not 3 months till Christmas, it’s 3 months till next year!!

So what 3 projects are you going to undertake to bring it home for you this year?  What 3 things are going to have the biggest impact for your business?

  • Update your website?
  • Run a presentation?
  • Deliver a fresh new marketing campaign?
  • Explore new ways to WOW your customers?
  • Or something else?

Wouldn’t you agree, the worst problem we could ever have is the same problem we had 12 months ago!

Is there something you need to change, start doing, or do differently?  Right now!

To help you get the juices flowing, I thought I’d share with you what will be receiving my focus, as we close out the year for 2013.

My 3 projects are:

  • Joint Ventures – Adding value to other peoples clients
  • Mini 8 Week Marketing Program – Fast implementation, low cost, high return
  • Power Coaching – Highly affordable 1-on-1, weekly business coaching sessions 15-20 minutes

Joint Ventures
My joint ventures are about reaching out to add value to other B2B business owners, by adding value to their clients.  Not enough business owners think of new ways to wow their customers.  I run regular webinars and have begun seeking opportunities for non-clients, to attend some of these sessions.

Mini 8 Week Marketing Program
This mini marketing program, is designed to take the busy business owners from hit-and-miss marketing, to a single targeted customer income stream.  By doing this, they can now put the focus back on the customers.

Power Coaching
Time-poor or financially stretched?  Power Coaching is all about affordable, high-performance coaching.  Short, highly structured coaching sessions including accountability, goal achievement and NLP mindset shifts.  These highly focused 15-20 minute weekly coaching sessions build momentum, clarity and results, quickly!

By working on one of these each month for the remainder of the year, I will have all of these implemented before Christmas. 

The impact this will have on my mission to “Empower the Success Rate of Small Business Owners in Australia”, is significant.

What 3 projects are you going to embrace during the last quarter of this year, to have significant impact on your mission?!

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