Happy New Year and Yearly Business Goal Planning Sorted

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Happy New Year and Yearly Business Goal Planning Sorted

Did you notice we’re already half way through the first month of 2015!  What does that mean for you the business owner?

If you’re still in your planning phase, you definitely need help!!  So I’ve put together for you the first gift for the year… A yearly business planner.

Hopefully you’ve got a detailed success strategy planned out months ago and already know your 2015 results in advance, as I spoke about at the BBN (Bayside Business Network) event in November last year.  If not… this is for you… It’s a simple, straight forward and effective 1 page quarterly goal setting and milestone breakdown tool.


It is ideal to help and assist you to:
1. Get inspired, remind yourself why you’re in business.
2. Figure out your goals for the year.
3. Break them down into 4 quarterly projects.

In my experience, unless you have a substantially large team behind you, trying to achieve more than 4 projects per year or multiple projects concurrently; this will end in nothing being finished.  If you complete your goals early it’s simple to add more.

As you move in to each new quarter, break down your quarterly projects in to monthly milestones, weekly segments and daily actions. Doing this provides such clarity, that you’re virtually guaranteed victory in your pursuit of success this year.

Make sure you have external accountability if you need it, a good mentor or coach, and an eager mind for learning what you don’t know.  Plus always remember to be seeking to uncover, what you don’t know you don’t know.

Good luck and success in the New Year!

Ross Pepper

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