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Making Marketing Work – The CTA or Call To Action

If your marketing has no CTA, it’s not marketing.  At best it’s branding.

A CTA or ‘Call To Action’ is a marketing term that describes the action of making a request. Even a headline is a CTA because it’s Call to Action is a request to the audience to read the article.

There are easy to follow CTAs like “Watch this free video” and challenging ones like “Buy Now!” on an over-priced product. The most common of all CTAs is the website button, which has really brought the CTA to the awareness of the general public. Requesting email details in exchange for a free gift or not long ago a newsletter, is prominent on virtually all websites today.

Critical to the success of any marketing you deliver, whether it’s your website, a flyer, an email or a verbal conversation; is the CTA or Call To Action.  Without it your audience cannot buy from you, find out more about you, or even like you on Facebook.  Help your audience to get better acquainted, if they’ve read to the bottom they probably want to know more!

Advanced use of the CTA principle, is delivering repeated and easy to perform calls to action, until the prospective client is educated, comfortable and ready to buy. By making smaller demands on your prospects, you can lead them to each next step with more ease. By continuing to add value through educating them and getting to know them, they will be more inclined to answer your final CTA, when you ask them to buy from you. This advanced concept is described by Robert Cialdini as “The Law of Consistency” in his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”.

Now that you have a CTA on everything you do, your last mission is to make sure it’s not a massive leap-of-faith, but a manageable request or logical next step.

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