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Silver 7 Step Marketing Membership

Becoming a Silver member grants privileged access to the 7 Step Mini-Marketing Program (above), PLUS the complete 7 Step Marketing System and our Live Monthly group educational workshops.

The benefit of combining the 7 Step Mini-Marketing Program above, with the complete 7 Step Marketing System means you gain the benefits of immediate action and results, plus the depth of understanding from the complete system to truly accelerate your results.

The complete 7 Step Marketing System is the product of 3 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested while studying from the greatest marketers ever.  This includes experts such as:

  • Frank Kern – World’s 1st marketer to sell $1mil in 24 hrs online
  • Jeff Walker – The Product launch formula
  • Taki Moore – Marketing specialist to coaches
  • Robert Cialdini – Author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
  • Andrew & Daryl Grant – Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Zig Ziglar – Sales expert and motivational speaker
  • Dale Carnegie – Author of How to win friends and influence people
  • Joe Girard – Guinness World Record Holder for selling cars
  • Brian Tracy – Sales and personal development guru
  • And many more

If you’re interested in getting the shortcut, straight to the heart of these teachings without the massive investments in years and hundreds of thousands of dollars?  Then this extraordinary system is for you.

Sometimes there’s simply nothing better than being able to ask an expert.
For this reason Ross Pepper personally runs group online workshops where he answers questions, reviews marketing and educates, live on the call.  This alone has a value of at least $150 a session and is his gift to you as part of his personal mission to “Empower the success rate of small business”

“Ross has encouraged me to be active in my own marketing and to ‘think big’ in terms of putting myself ‘on the map’ in my field. His procedures are easy to follow and implement and produce results in a short space of time.”
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