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Are you one of these people?

Are You A Business Owner
Without Clear Written Goals?

Did you know that virtually every single failed small business owner, doesn’t have clear written goals and a plan to achieve them?

The difference between last years results and this years results, will be determined by what you do differently this year.  Starting with clear written goals.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” 

As we went around the table this morning at one of my Mastermind Groups, asking everyone their goals, their success was reflected in their responses.  The successful business owners already had very clear goals and those who struggled were unclear.

If you want to achieve greatness in your business in 2014…


The Instant 10min Goals Exercise

DO RIGHT NOW (10 mins)

1) Write down what you want

2) Put dates on it

3) Put numbers on it (Client numbers, Sales figures, Take-home Income, etc.)

4) Break that in to quarterly projects and put visibly on your wall

EACH 90 DAY QUARTER (5-10 mins)

1) Separate each project in to monthly milestones (30 days)

2) Divide each month in to weekly objectives

EACH WEEK (5-10 mins)

1) Turn objectives in to a list of clear actions

2) Do the actions.  Tick them off as you go.

3) Celebrate your success


 Good luck and be responsible for an awesome 2014!

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